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Who is
Helen Qiu 丘海倫?

Helen earned her Master's degree from Columbia University with a straight-A record specializing in history and religion.  As a Christian pastor, Helen has been helping many New Yorkers to navigate the enormous economic and emotional challenges thrust upon all of us due to the crisis of the last two years. Prior to her ministry, Helen earned a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago and had worked as a high-level engineering project manager at Sun Microsystems on multi-million-dollar projects in Silicon Valley. She is a first-generation naturalized American citizen having emigrated from Canton (Guangzhou), China. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka Chinese. She is currently an elected member and Vice President of The Community Education Council of New York City. As a devoted mother, Helen always puts family and children first.

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Why is Helen Qiu
丘海倫 the BEST?

Helen was known as a creative and successful problem solver in Silicon Valley before she moved to New York City in 2008. While working as a senior engineer Helen’s design saved Kitchen Aid Appliances over one million dollars per year. In addition, Helen identified systematic computer chip design problems for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) resulting in significant performance improvements ahead of schedule and under budget. Her unparalleled redesign and problem-solving expertise were rewarded by four out-of-cycle salary increases in one year. 


In her current position as Vice President of The NYC Education Council, Helen stood up against all discriminatory practices which targeted unvaccinated children (334,992, or 41% of the total of 822,567 children in the public schools), helping them to gain access to after-school programs and museums. Helen spoke frequently at public rallies and in clubs as the voice of freedom for all New Yorkers for medical privacy and equality. Her question to Chancellor Banks during the Education Council Townhall meeting inquiring about the city's policy concerning unvaccinated children was featured in a NY Post article.


Helen has been actively involved in taking up the fight against the city’s plan to build over-size jails as well as additional shelters in densely populated neighborhoods on the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy. She designed informative posters and dedicated time and effort to mobilize the affected communities and businesses. Her effort was acknowledged by major media outlets including NY1, CBS, and ABC. She insightfully put forth the proposition that the jail and homeless problem in New York City can and must be only solved under the auspices of the state government. (copyright Candidate Hele Qiu 4/7/2022) 


Helen has unceasingly assisted both seniors and families with special needs in neighborhoods throughout the district. Helen has a sterling reputation as an innovative policymaker as evidenced by the speeches and good counsel she gives to individuals which removes fear and instills hope in a wide spectrum of NYC communities. She is an expert in mending broken interpersonal relationships, especially concentrating on teenagers and children so they can relate better to their parents and achieve academic excellence. 


Acting in her capacity as a Pastor Arbitrator outside the official NYC court system, Helen helped make peace and settle a 5-year bitter lawsuit between two community groups with conflicting interests. 


Helen assisted NYCHA Grant Houses in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of New York City in obtaining a grant to successfully retain their gardens instead of building a new parking lot. 


Helen utilizes heightened intuition and insight to gather teams of expert professionals in order to find systematic and creative solutions to complex problems which will improve the quality of the lives of ALL New Yorkers.

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What Will Helen Qiu 丘海倫
Do for Us?

First and foremost, we need safe streets. Cashless bail reform has utterly failed, and Helen will abolish these laws and solve the jail shortage and inhumane operation problem once she arrives in Albany. Helen is committed to challenging robotic Albany legislature decisions. Part of the rampant crime problem we are experiencing revolves around “No cash bail reform” and “defund the police” policies, two hallmark policies passed by the Democratic super-majority state assembly. At present 105 of the 150 NYS Assembly seats are Democratic. It’s time for some balance. Helen is tough on crime while supporting the humane treatment of prisoners. Helen supports the police and advocate respect for law enforcement. With crime at its peak, electing a few more conservative voices will improve the much-needed balance in the New York City Council.  


Helen will limit the emergency executive power of the governor as her draconian mandates and policies have been the primary reason for the current economic downturn in NY State. Helen is an advocate for teachers, nurses, doctors, military personnel, police and all others affected by discriminatory mandate policies. She will advocate for medical freedom and privacy and end all mandates.


Helen will put children and parents first and advocate all the way for parental rights and choice for children. 34% of NYC Department of Education Funding is from the State. Helen will ensure all children will have access to state funded programs and entities. NO more mandates! Helen will fund community gardens, work with construction unions and many workers’ unions to create career-centric apprentice programs to help youth obtain the necessary training for a good career. Helen will continue to advocate for rigorous curriculum, no to CRT, creative G&T and merit based SHSAT programs. 


Helen will ensure housing and benefit funding for seniors, veterans, and the disabled in need while providing a path of opportunity for young people to get out of the government welfare system. Helen will honor home ownership and mediate conflicts between renters and landlords.


Helen will lower taxes and advocate for fewer regulations for small businesses, including restaurants, bodegas and delicatessens. Helen notably proposed the "Adopt-A-Tile" program for New York Artists to decorate MTA stations throughout the state (copyright Candidate Helen Qiu 4/7/2022). 


Helen vows to not only beautify Lower East Side and District 65, but all of New York so we will become the crown jewel of America.

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